Travel Theme: Golden (opportunity)

Tower Power….inquire at the forbidden garden patch for details

To let:
Recently vacated hip tower,
newly renovated.
One room, kitchen and bath
fully furnished
(canopied princess bed and dresser – with mirror,
wooden chair and table, utensils for one).

Fabulous view
no noisy obnoxious neighbors
back to the fairy tale feeling
great daily delivery by the “Witches Yard”.

Great for:

Letting your hair down
Mature single ladies

Fine Print:
Bring your own hair
(ladder…get it?)
no men, children or babies allowed

Not on any map,
fruitless to wait for
Prince Charming
is not on his way there*

*(believe me, I have waited!!  – see youtube for my song).

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I’m the one wearing the “Prince Charming-is-an-idiot” shirt!)




At a metro stop on the autobahn
is where I sit and wait
facing the oncoming traffic
cars rushing
with a dream attached
towards me.

Flying from the distance
hardly expressed
still just a whisper
… if only…
and its gone
like the blurred tail lights
of the cars.

On the metro now
I am moving
and I notice
memories from the past
running away
on my right
sighing deeply
of what used to be.

As we enter the tunnel
darkness closes in
suddenly I feel like a
light afloat
shining dimly into
whats ahead
shadows closing
in from behind.

The sounds of the
underlining my journey
through life
oddly stationary
yet propelled
by the momentum.

At the station
I step outside.
And my feet carry me
onward through
the masses.
– I do not look back.

Let it shine!

Let it shine!

1. A shortened term for moonshine or whiskey.
2. To give off or reflect light.
3. To excel in something.
4. A shortened term for shoeshine.

Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!
(Pink Floyd)

The space between

The space between

Between the heavens and the earth
the space is filled with
gravely gravity.

Sometimes looking up
weighed down
and tightly rooted
to the ground
by the bodies which we occupy
and the space
we think we have conquered
down here below.

Now and then looking up
uplifted by our spirits
wishes, dreams,
hopes and joys
they give us wings
fleetingly free.

Our mortal chains
epitomized by
responsibilities, worries,
obligations and duties
dictate the duration
of our liberty.

The struggle
between the yoke
and privilege
defines our time
from birth
to death.

Zwischen Himmel und Erde
ist der Raum gefüllt mit
ernster Schwerkraft.

Nach oben blickend
Sind wir belastet
und fest verwurzelt
auf dem Boden
durch den Körper, den wir besitzen
und dem Raum,
von dem wir denken, ihn erobert zu haben
hier unten.

Ab und zu nach oben blickend
durch unser geistiges Wesen erhoben
Wünsche, Träume,
Hoffnungen und Freuden
sie geben uns Flügel –
flüchtig frei.

Unsere sterblichen Ketten
verkörpert durch
Verantwortung, Sorgen,
Pflichten und Aufgaben
bestimmen immer die Dauer
unserer Freiheit.

Der Kampf
zwischen dem Joch
und Privilegien
bestimmt unsere Zeit
von der Geburt bis
zum Tod.

Fresh-ly wiped out


Once a playground for the squirrels,
rushing up and down my trunk,
a nesting place for birds,
and home to mice among my roots.

Announcing the coming spring
with leaves and flowers.
A refuge from the summer sun
my limbs
provided shade and coolness.
My autumn colors inspired
the old and young alike.
My nakedness in winter
a promise that the cycle
is about to begin again.

Alas, no longer tall and vigorous
after a dance with death:
Wind and rain-
ferocious forces.
I lay broken
torn apart-
the stench of rotting leaves
fill the air.

My last wish and testament?
Come winter
gather round the fire-place
and bid me fare-well.

Fishy Recipe

fish mai

I did mention that there is this lovely Turkish store right in my neighborhood…shopping there is like shopping at a Greek local Manaviko of the 70 ies. Every time I go there, I find more common ground between the Turks and the Greeks, the names of food and spices…
Recently, I found a fish which we used to eat quite a lot back when we lived in Greece. I never liked to cook fish much, cause cleaning and handling it always made me feel queazy.
But, the kids love this fish, so it had to come home with me.
Not having a balcony for a BBQ can be a problem which can be overcome by an oven!

Tasty Fish in Baking paper

Dorade (Gilt head bream)
lemon juice
olive oil
baking paper

Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius

wash the fish thoroughly and pat dry
chop parsley
slice lemon and garlic
sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper inside out
place the slice of lemon, several slices of garlic and about a teaspoon of parsley into the abdominal cavity
place fish on the baking sheet
sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil
Last -put another slice of lemon and some more garlic on top
sprinkle with more chopped parsley

Fold the baking paper to shape into a package(alternatively if you have kitchen string you can tie up the ends).
Then put the package on a baking dish and place it into the preheated oven for 15 – 20 minutes(depending on the size of the fish).

To serve –
Place the package on a plate.

Goes well with Greek Salad and pan potatoes.
…oh and a lovely dry white wine of your choice.

Kαλή όρεξη!!!