Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular # 2

συμμετρία (symmetria) means agreement in dimensions, due to proportion or arrangement. In everyday language it refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.




Nothing you see
seems to fit in with the rest.
I’d rather not be noticed
but I always
stick out like a sore thumb.

Everything about me says
I am different from
all of you.

I am shy
but make my voice heard.
And I can grow
in all the places
people thought
I never would!

I am someone
to reckon with.

Macro Monday: Ladyfingers aka Okra

God knows why this vegetable is associated with women’s fingers. Okra is much more fitting – exotic- as is: oh…and while in your mouth…kra!?!
OMG!!! I personally like the Mediterranean word-Bamya or Bamies plural. (No, you can pretty much guess, I enjoy looking at them much more than eating them): bam(you dared and I scooped a spoon full into my mouth) andyeah! ya!! I managed to sneak them by my tastebuds!!!!

No, sorry- ladyfingers??? What were they thinking!