When nothing can turn back time



A great many years tied us together.

You often wished 

your English was better


I usually got your stories of

life lessons anyway.

Sometimes I baked 

sweets for you in return.


Once when you were very sick

I gave blood for you 

when my own father 

had just passed away.

I told you to see 

the success of your operation

as a gift

denied to others.


On your early morning walks

you sometimes sang 

so loud

swinging your cane

not a care for what anyone thought.

You took your morning coffee 

in the square 

watching the world wake up.

In the summers

evening found you 

on the balcony

in your favorite chair

surrounded by your children 

and grandchildren.

A happy old man.


My last memory of you

our sad good bye

one September morning

a shy embrace 

and tears.

Deep in my heart

I knew that 

we would not see 

each other again.

I never took 

the chance to tell you

how much I cared for you.


Nothing can turn back

time now.

I honor your life 

and pay my respects

from far away

and hope that 

there is that place 

where we are reunited

with those

we loved.

Rest in peace!




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