Taken from an installation named Αρτεμης, goddess of the hunt and wilderness. Representing the bow.



1. form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape.

2. cause to rotate around something that remains stationary; turn.


1. an act of turning something so that it moves in relation to something that remains stationary.

2. a thing with a spiral shape.

Let’s not  twist again

The end:

A twisted reality.

John finished

twisted and bitter

– while Jane

spun away. 


Finally too deep

he’d twisted 

the knife.

Too far

to ignore

the twisted

actions, words and humor.


Doing the twist 

for years


laughing happily.


His aloofness

often sent her

round the twist.

His evasiveness

left her

with her knickers 

in a twist.

Oh but his charm

is what initially 

twisted her arm.

His persistence 

twisted her 

around his 

little finger:

When they first met


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