At a metro stop on the autobahn
is where I sit and wait
facing the oncoming traffic
cars rushing
with a dream attached
towards me.

Flying from the distance
hardly expressed
still just a whisper
… if only…
and its gone
like the blurred tail lights
of the cars.

On the metro now
I am moving
and I notice
memories from the past
running away
on my right
sighing deeply
of what used to be.

As we enter the tunnel
darkness closes in
suddenly I feel like a
light afloat
shining dimly into
whats ahead
shadows closing
in from behind.

The sounds of the
underlining my journey
through life
oddly stationary
yet propelled
by the momentum.

At the station
I step outside.
And my feet carry me
onward through
the masses.
– I do not look back.


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