(Not) having all CUPS in one’s cupboard = nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben!

(Not) having all CUPS in one's cupboard = nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben!

German idiom:
Not dealing with a full deck – to have a screw loose- not being right in the head- having lost one’s marbles.
P.S. As you can see – mine are still all there ­čśŤ




It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

– Claude Monet



At a metro stop on the autobahn
is where I sit and wait
facing the oncoming traffic
cars rushing
with a dream attached
towards me.

Flying from the distance
hardly expressed
still just a whisper
… if only…
and its gone
like the blurred tail lights
of the cars.

On the metro now
I am moving
and I notice
memories from the past
running away
on my right
sighing deeply
of what used to be.

As we enter the tunnel
darkness closes in
suddenly I feel like a
light afloat
shining dimly into
whats ahead
shadows closing
in from behind.

The sounds of the
underlining my journey
through life
oddly stationary
yet propelled
by the momentum.

At the station
I step outside.
And my feet carry me
onward through
the masses.
– I do not look back.

Let it shine!

Let it shine!

1. A shortened term for moonshine or whiskey.
2. To give off or reflect light.
3. To excel in something.
4. A shortened term for shoeshine.

Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!
(Pink Floyd)

The space between

The space between

Between the heavens and the earth
the space is filled with
gravely gravity.

Sometimes looking up
weighed down
and tightly rooted
to the ground
by the bodies which we occupy
and the space
we think we have conquered
down here below.

Now and then looking up
uplifted by our spirits
wishes, dreams,
hopes and joys
they give us wings
fleetingly free.

Our mortal chains
epitomized by
responsibilities, worries,
obligations and duties
dictate the duration
of our liberty.

The struggle
between the yoke
and privilege
defines our time
from birth
to death.

Zwischen Himmel und Erde
ist der Raum gef├╝llt mit
ernster Schwerkraft.

Nach oben blickend
Sind wir belastet
und fest verwurzelt
auf dem Boden
durch den K├Ârper, den wir besitzen
und dem Raum,
von dem wir denken, ihn erobert zu haben
hier unten.

Ab und zu nach oben blickend
durch unser geistiges Wesen erhoben
W├╝nsche, Tr├Ąume,
Hoffnungen und Freuden
sie geben uns Fl├╝gel –
fl├╝chtig frei.

Unsere sterblichen Ketten
verk├Ârpert durch
Verantwortung, Sorgen,
Pflichten und Aufgaben
bestimmen immer die Dauer
unserer Freiheit.

Der Kampf
zwischen dem Joch
und Privilegien
bestimmt unsere Zeit
von der Geburt bis
zum Tod.

Fresh-ly wiped out


Once a playground for the squirrels,
rushing up and down my trunk,
a nesting place for birds,
and home to mice among my roots.

Announcing the coming spring
with leaves and flowers.
A refuge from the summer sun
my limbs
provided shade and coolness.
My autumn colors inspired
the old and young alike.
My nakedness in winter
a promise that the cycle
is about to begin again.

Alas, no longer tall and vigorous
after a dance with death:
Wind and rain-
ferocious forces.
I lay broken
torn apart-
the stench of rotting leaves
fill the air.

My last wish and testament?
Come winter
gather round the fire-place
and bid me fare-well.

Unexpected Damages

Last Monday night a storm of unforeseen proportions hit the State of North Rhine Westphalia and the morning after looked like a war had taken place outside our doors.

Standing by the window watching the rain and crazy winds sweeping through my street, no one could imagine the after-math could look like this! Thousands of felled trees which landed on streets, train tracks, cars and houses. 


This was just around the corner.
Needless to say, that no bus, tram or train was available. Traffic jams were horrendous…the fire brigade working to clear the major arteries of the city from the debris. No one got to work on time, many did not make it at all.
Walking or riding the bike to work posed hazards, loose and damaged branches creaked dangerously from above and tram overhead wires lay on the streets.
The sound of fire engines and chain saws a constant back ground noise in every neighborhood of the city.
Now 5 days later, some normality has returned. But a nagging realization remains…we are in part to blame. Yes, nature is something we have no control over, but it is time we implement some changes and face climate change responsibly!