A few lines


Life is like
a fine line:
Along the line
down the line
-fall in line
-are in line
-line up
-line up against
-line up alongside
-line up behind
-line up for
-line up in
-line up on
-line up with

Careful not to:

be out of line
cross the line
get lines crossed
step out of line
take a hard line
spin a line
fall for hook, line and sinker!

Don’t –
line pockets or
put life/neck or butt on the line.

The right lines:

-run down some lines
-lay it on the line
-line with
-fluff lines
-party line
-feed a line
-give a line
-get a line on
-lay some sweet lines on.

Hard lines

dead cat on the line
be in the front line
draw battle lines
in the line of duty
in the line of fire

Somewhere along the line,
they will make you

-toe the line
-bring you in line
-sign on the dotted line!

One has to draw the line somewhere
so –
drop a line or
hold the line.

At times –
take the line of least resistance!

Always –
read between the lines!

There is a fine line between
top of the line
the end of the line.

Bottom line?
I’m walking a thin line
now out of lines
going off line!


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