A few weeks ago I accompanied a friend to pick up her puppy from the breeder. An early morning drive to the suburbs of Kevelaer, 70 km North-West of Essen. It was a lovely drive on an empty Autobahn and then through the country side.
Who knew, that there are still wind mills around? I mean, everything is being replaced and outsourced…the mill appeared suddenly, dark and gloomy in a way, with those clouds rolling in the sky.
For a moment, I had don quixotic thoughts. Endlessly charging at the boundaries and challenges. Tackling one and another one appears.
Melodrama is not my thing, so I focussed instead on the freedom presented to me on this fine day. Free: from the tedious long hours of the work and the endless to do lists in my head.
Listening to some opera on the radio, the world was wonderful, the world speeding towards and away from us.
That is life, misty images appearing – coming closer – then suddenly clear, become memories.
The thing is, to always be able to use it to rise above it all!


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