Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

I have camera troubles…so forgive the pixel lacking image, taken with a discarded I phone 3. But rather than not taking any pictures at all, I shall file this under vintage-retro look holiday memories.
High technology is often very frustrating, trying to figure out the manuals and functions, is like assembling a large IKEA kitchen all by yourself with the included allen keys- in the dark. Mission Impossible without professional help.

So, Christmas 2013 will go down in my personal history as the year, the camera wasn’t working but that is not to say that it wasn’t a good Christmas!
Our second Christmas celebrated here in Germany, much much better than last year’s. My aunt, uncle, my Mom and two of my three boys! As my aunt so perfectly put it while we sat sipping champagne: Who would have believed a few years back that we would ever spend Christmas together?
We had a wonderful afternoon. So what that the roast beef from the Turkish butcher around the corner appeared to have walked all the way from Turkey before it landed on the Christmas table? Christmas isn’t about perfect. Christmas is about sitting together deep in good conversation, stories of the past, remembering those not with us any more and perhaps creating some unforgettable new stories…

After everyone had gone home, the two blonds of the house – my Mom and I – did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Fittingly for this celebration of lights in this dark season, as I stepped into the living room, the advent wreath was ever so gently smoldering and filling the room with thick smoke, reminiscent of Greek summer fires! No harm done, that airing out the rooms could not resolve and a lesson learnt…do not leave candles burning unobserved!


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