The patch of sky from the window

The patch of sky from the window

It’s 6 a.m.
Outside the window
pitch black.
Beyond and above
the silhouettes of the neighborhood.
It’s hard to make out,
if there even are stars in the sky.

At 7:30 the sky is sometimes
grey, or bluish
also veiled by pink puffy
clouds at times.
A lucky day can be
orange light creeping in between
the buildings.
Hinting at a rising sun –
the brilliance of the color
so inviting and tempting.

But there’s the bus –
and the sky becomes a stop and go
through the window
passing in forward motion
in the canyon of houses
other times backwards.
Some days the sky is so hung over –
an abundance of shades of grey.
While rain splashes the window panes –
rivulets gliding down
or like tear drops
and then again
like an open faucet.

It’s 8:30 and the sky
appears far above the tree tops
the leaves dressed appropriately
in harmony with the seasons –
contrasting with the heavens atop.
Accompanied –
by a cacophonous symphony of traffic.

On a lucky day
the path sometimes
comes alive with patches of sun light:
Gently swaying –
like a hop scotch game from
childhood years.

No time to play-
it’s 8:45 and from the
office window
the patch of sky is framed
Inside the sky lights up
with the windows program
on the computer:
A virtual sky –
for just a moment.
The eyes that seek the sky
are replaced by the look at the clock
and quick glances outside…
The day and sky passing –
a couple of cigarette breaks.
Smoke curling toward the sky.

It’s 5:30 and the sky
looms big and vast above
till the bus comes.
Too tired to look outside.

It’s 6:30 p.m
outside in the fresh air
evening falls and on the way home
I think of the moments
when I,
with my head tilted towards
the sky above,
I walk with my eyes closed
the sunlight warming my face
I can almost
hear the sound
of the gentle waves,
almost smell
the salty sea,
almost feel
the sand between my toes.
I can almost sense
the immense sky up high above.

I open my eyes before the tears fall
and get inside the house.
From the kitchen window
my neck hurts
while I look at the patch of the sky
above the buildings.


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