Life isn’t all beer and skittles!



(picture not my own, credit where due)

Never in my life

would I have believed that I would get a 



a new lease on life.

Almost 2 years ago I had

the shock of my life

and life, as I knew it 

came to a screeching halt.

In a sense, since it has been

life in the fast lane 

decisions, changes, obligations, responsibilities and many adjustments.

I was forced to take life into my own hands.

The facts of life are not about the birds and the bees,

but that there are always circumstances beyond your control

which obliterate that proverbial Life is a bowl of cherries

into a holding on for dear life.

The future is so uncertain that

being a bit past the prime of my life

some days it frightens the life out of me

when I lie awake at night thinking about 

the best things in life are free

which doesn’t quite ring true

food, shelter and the bills have to be paid

cause life in the raw

is not do able with children.

Life is short and time is swift

and even difficulties have a shelf life

So, while there is life – there is hope!










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