Hands on!

Hands on!

Racism starts in the head – openness does too! Hand in Hand for more tolerance!

This weekend it is Essen Original, a street festival with live acts on 6 stages and events around town.
On a walk through the side streets, I spotted this billboard created against racism by school children and local businesses. It is so vital in the age of globalization to live together and respect each other. And this is how it should be!
People are multicolored too, not just their ethnic back grounds but their religions, sexual orientation and fashion style and music!
We passed different bands, playing tunes for the tastes of all the flavors in music. Standing out were the DJ who played Techno which seemed very segregated – a much younger white only crowd standing or sitting in groups far apart.
The top spot goes to the Heavy Metal crowd. People always think that they are the ones with the biggest prejudices and true to the myth -there the security was tightest as well. The area was cordoned off and I even had to let a security guy look into my handbag! Surprisingly, not only had they drawn the biggest crowd but all ages and colors were united – just enough space between them to get the old head banging in.
I hear that a lot of the Heavy Metal bands come from Scandinavia, personally – I don’t see the connection, but I don’t care, as long as they don’t incite hatred towards those that are different, in any way underneath it all, the same color blood runs through us – no matter where we come from or what social standing we have…in the end, we end up the same: Dust in the Wind!


6 thoughts on “Hands on!

  1. The words are not important, but the intention that it is designed to.
    Just the things I have with me.
    With a knife I can separate cheese to distribute it to others. Likewise, I can kill another human being with the same knife. the intentional one sees the people and not the knife.

    It remains difficult to predict what a person with the things that he carries with him will make. Control measures that represent limitations in our lives will probably prevent almost everything.

  2. I think racism basically rooted in fear and inferiority of those who are racists (or think they are) – leading people with evil intentions (regardless of subject) control persons or groups by focusing on getting this to “explode” in the minds of those they want to control – if a person have both fear and inferiority, it’s easy to push them the way someone wants… :-/

    • Unfortunately that is very true…it is important to teach tolerance and TEACH and EDUCATE. Without proper education that is culture fair, racism is going to run rampant in this so globalized world.
      People always tend to look at the difference and not what we all have in common. Hatred is so much more easily spread than love…if you or anyone one is religious, that is the first sign…send someone to preach love and what happens? the messenger gets killed? Strange world!

  3. No doubt – our world is strange or weird – agree with both your post and your following comment – to create fear among the people is the “greatest” way to manipulate people – along with creating discord (racism is often an ingredient) – wonderful (sarcasm) control mechanism of groups… :-/

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