Lovely weather for ducks

Lovely weather for ducks

Since last night it has been pouring.
raining pitchforks and hammer handles.

Public transport
leaves a lot to be desired
when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Keeping one’s weather eye open
maneuvering the rising water
in the gutters and puddles.

Too much for the umbrella
and singing in the rain
not finding shelter
fast enough.

That certainly
rained on my parade.
When you only
have fair weather friends
with cars.

Stranded at the bus stop
regretting being outdoors
not knowing enough to
come out of the rain

The risk of rain
the weather man said
was not so great
Well, weather is not
an accurate science.

So, weathering the storm
at the mercy of a timetable
weather permitting
let me take a rain check.

There is nothing new under the sun
when you don’t live in the sun belt


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