This weeks’ Travel Theme reminded me of a visit to Paris some years ago, walking up Champs Elysees, I was amazed at the ingenious “renovation” idea.
The Louis Vuitton store covered and hidden in a top selling bag style. Who needs ugly plastic construction sheets, when you can stand out and make a statement?
The store, I visited a year or so later and was so intimidated by its size and the amount of employees…I thought there was one for every language on the planet, and the customers were acting like they were at their local Woolworth. Shopping like there was no tomorrow! I had a conversation with a lady from Texas who was telling me just how much cheaper she was getting her L.V. bag than in her local F.Worth store…the poor dear had her dollars and euros all mixed up and guess she forgot to add the plane ticket too…
But what struck me there watching the people, is the wads of money from the Russians and the South Americans…what a lovely way to “launder” money. With those prices, you can get some serious money cleaned!!! No questions asked, at least not at the store!

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