Music makes the world go round

Music makes the world go round

I love music
all kinds of music
(well…not all kinds, I do have some standards)!

But sound and lyrics are important
and have always played an important role in my life.

Not just for nostalgic reasons.

I am a firm believer of the idiom:
Where there is song, rest assured
without fear –
what the citizens believe:
where one sings, there are no monsters
cause monsters do not have songs.

People who are either fanatic about their music
or don’t appreciate loud music
or generally have too much to say about their kind of music:

Can not be trusted and should face the music
you can not stop the music
and what is music to one’s ears
should be respected!
Just like one’s religion!
(Personally I am having difficulty granting this one
100% to those who love German “Schlager”- not religion)
but I am willing to be at my most diplomatic and tolerant:
Just arranging music to it!

Just to set the music and make chin music
for the sake of making music

Music does make the world go round!


4 thoughts on “Music makes the world go round

  1. I was fortunate that my mom and her parents were musicians, so I started piano lessons at age 2, violin lessons at age 6, and singing lessons at age 10. I don’t do any of those anymore but I listen to music about 15 hours a day every day. Definitely a part of my life and makes my world go round!

    • Thanks for sharing.
      Hardest part of the day for me are the hours at work. I am convinced that time would pass much faster if we were allowed music(and I do not mean MUZAK) 🙂

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