1/7 th Impression

1/7 th Impression

(Painting by kind permission of WILD)

Impressions can be misleading
admiring the leaves turning electric…
but the morning air so crisp…
of the long dark months ahead.

And so it is with many things in life.
the old story of the 1/7…
a floating iceberg
I’d like to see one day.

There is always something bizarre
beneath the surface…

No more counting stars in the endless sky
days filled with calculated risks
– for some of us at least
that we are not the master of.

As kids we believed in monsters under our beds
they were not real,
today we tackle other fears
much more certain.

It is much more appealing to ignore the 6/7
and forge life
carpe diem
and forget the rest
it will all catch up
No aces up your sleeve will
ever even out the calculations
or increase the laws of probability.

As we can not foresee the future
we are only kidding ourselves
by thinking that we can alter its
course or change the events.

The map for the road through life
will become apparent
when the EXIT sign appears
and it’s lights out.


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