The importance of dancing barefoot

The importance of dancing barefoot

On a warm summer night, in the company of women under the open sky…
Sitting in the greenest grass, listening to a band play great tunes of the past…
Kicking off your shoes and chasing little legs on little feet that squeal with delight…
Performing magic tricks that produce candy growing in their ears and belly-buttons…
Letting them fly in acrobatic endeavors…
Their innocent joy, mixing with the sense of peace that comes from relaxed conversations of the mothers present…
A red string that connects and bridges the ages and unites us in the simple pleasures….
Dancing barefoot to a favorite tune, not a care for the hundreds of pairs of eyes looking on…
Then watching the sky explode in bursts of color, raining down from above…
Fills your heart and firmly secures a place in your memory…
Something to warm your spirits in moments when sadness and darkness comes calling.


6 thoughts on “The importance of dancing barefoot

  1. Nur mit den Augen der Kinder werden wir die Wunder sehen.
    Nur mit der Freude der Kinder werden wir uns an dem Moment erfreuen.
    Die Regeln der Erwachsenen verhinden das genussvolle Leben.

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