A letter to Prince Charming!



(Picture not my own)

Dear Prince Charming…

I have just about had it with you!

You have been leading good women astray with your nonsense for centuries.  It is about time someone told you to stop!

Just who do you think you are…riding along on that white horse of yours, haven’t you noticed that that is just  so passe? (And the logistics of putting up that steed of yours)???Please!   And that armor is not something stylish or trendy!   I bet you smell horribly under there and I do not even want to imagine what your skin must be like!  That is so gross, but you sure do not want to advertise that, do you…nothing too close to reality, afraid it could tarnish your image?

I am so fed up with you up on that high horse of yours!  Sure you may have a bird’s eye perspective, but you have no real idea what it is like for all of us down here!  Struggling to make ends meet, while you feed us this bullshit of how you are going to whisk us away and we’ll all live happily ever after!  Give it up already and admit it, at home you are like all the others,  and I bet the financial crisis has forced you to let go of all the underpaid hired help(most likely victims of human trafficking) and instead of being rescued …the dream will turn into a nightmare, where the bills won’t be paid at the end of the month if we don’t go get a job to help pay them…and you’ll go out with your buddies drinking and carousing on the weekend, leaving us alone to look after that damned horse, armor and all the other shit you brought with you…

You really ought to just grow up and face the facts, you are no different…actually you are a lot worse, cause you bring with you the promise of being something better when in fact you are nothing but an ugly toad( I am on to you!!!) .   Believe me nobody is gonna kiss you when I am through with you!

So stop already with your outdated dream making, ditch that damned prancing horse(that is so silly – no offense) and all that plated bling you put on and come on down to the real world!  I dare you, before Thelma and me catch you!  Somewhere,  unaware and string you up in that blasted tree, that you hide in  when things get tough! Just watch out, I have had enough of this bullshit! Believe me when I say, If I get my hands on you you are gonna be sorry!  And I am gonna be that perfect widow, dressed in black, hat with veil and all, pretending to cry at your grave side…(me and all the girls are gonna finish your wine cellar)!

I am warning you!  One more happily ever after and it’s lights out to you Mr, Pretentious!!

Yours truly,


P.S.  And if that is what you look like, heaven help us all !!!!






6 thoughts on “A letter to Prince Charming!

  1. In a democracy, no one needs a prince. Common goals and paths to be searched to find the best solutions for the community. Not a Single person but a community is the way.

    • George, I totally agree royals are not needed, in fact they are parasites of society, but a large proportion of the population think that their king or queen give them special status(as a country).
      What that has to do with my story of P.C., I don’t know…have a good day!

  2. Saying “that is so gay – no offense” is double offensive simply because you knew it was offensive to begin with. Don’t be acting like these politicians who offend everyone and then say “I’m sorry if YOU were offended.” They should be sorry they offended someone. Period.

      • I figured it was. I didn’t mind being the educator because I figured you wouldn’t mind being educated. I hope that when I unintentionally do things wrongly that someone will educate me at that time.

        I’m reminded of the trees in my condominum complex. Each condo has a tree by the side of its garage. They prune them once a year. A couple of years ago they pruned every single tree EXCEPT MINE! All the other trees were nice and square while mine was a mish mash of limbs sticking out here and there. I posted a picture of my “raghead” tree and promptly got educated about the term “raghead.” I took the post down faster than I had put it up.

      • Thanks again, Russel. One can only learn if upon a mistake one is given the correct feedback. I appreciate it!
        Nice example(raghead) you made, brings the faux pas into perspective!

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