And the beat goes on…



(picture not my own)

One rainy saturday afternoon, she was walking through town, to feed her eyes and mind with  images of life.

To escape the routine of waking early and going to work day in and day out.  Not that she did not get to mingle with people, the bus and subway rides, gave her plenty of things to think about, but she wanted to see people out and about with a happy purpose:  Teenagers spending their pocket money going shopping, ladies out with their girlfriends for coffee, couples  spending quality time and the singles, lonely and the elderly out in an attempt to fill the void, rubbing elbows with life

Smiling happy people…saturdays in town always had an atmosphere of excitement and festivity, no matter the season.  This week the theme was Gourmet.  White sheds had been put up and the top restaurants of the region sent their best chefs and staff to entice the  curious and hungry with their chef d’oeuvre.  Fine champagne and wines were offered, the sidewalks filled with tables, decked out with fine linens and fantastic flower arrangements, people seated and standing tasting the prepared morsels, while the cooks preened in their starched aprons and chef’s caps sweated and labored over their portable ovens.  Little girls holding their loop sided  plates with colorful deserts under the watchful eyes of their mothers and fathers, little boys  sitting properly between their grandpas and grandmas…all this, and the wonderful smells filled her with happiness.

She kept on walking through the trough of people, engrossed in their saturday activities until she came to a street corner, where a musician had sat up shop. A little old amp and his guitar case open to collect the coins.  Coldplay’s Fix you  sent goose bumps up her arms and she remained there, engrossed in the notes and the passion coming from this man.  People walking by, started to gather, giving themselves up to the sound just like her…with an appreciation for his skills.  Young couples with their arms around each other,  with love in their eyes, swaying gently to the sounds of Hallelujah, she could see the tears forming in the eyes of the women and the men reaching for the hands of their wives and girlfriends, as her own tears started to build up and she felt herself filling with a longing to reach out for a shoulder to lean on…alas, there was no one there.  When the song finished and the next one started, there was a crowd…she turned and watched the couple who had been holding hands, suddenly start to dance to With or without you, surrendering to the desire and  kissing like teenagers, demonstrating their long relationship in front of all these strangers….a shudder ran through her.  She walked on…

Coming around the corner, a group of young women, dressed in purple wings and pulling a pretty white hand cart, filled with champagne flutes and chocolates, passed her with their blissful laughter, on their way to celebrate the bachelorette’s last night..

She walked  on home alone to the sound of the beat that goes on! 


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