Unfortunate truths



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There is a stark difference between the inconvenient truth and self-reassuring lies…

We are all part of this, conflict- if I may call it that.  Day in and day out we all witness injustice, inequality, discrimination, favoritism and abuse, to varying degrees and we turn away.  Because it does not concern us!

On the streets, on the job, in the neighborhood, mass transport – it is everywhere!  Most of us know the naked truth when we see it, it has  been taught to us in the home and in the schools, our circle of friends and yet, most of us turn the other way.  Because it does not concern us!

Our religions give us moral guidelines, which are interpreted freely by all, but hardly anyone lives by the philosophies.  In practice everything looks different and solutions are ambiguous…everyone claims their right to construct their walls as they see fit.

We sit on the bus with the bum, with his bags of collected recycling bottles in his tattered clothes, smelly and grimy and we turn away, disgusted – because it does not concern us…maybe momentarily we wonder HOW this happened, but we quickly sit in judgement of his odor and appearance and his desperate need to collect bottles from the garbage cans of the city…and we don’t ask, we turn away.

We see bullying at our schools and mobbing in the work force, we acoustically observe the  abuse going on behind the closed doors of our neighbors,  we all personally know someone who has been stalked, we gawk at our T.V. screens and witness crimes being carried out in the name of freedom and democracy while the camera is rolling, we endorse vast amounts of money spent on super constructions while the population needs schools, insurance and hospitals…and we do nothing, cause it does not concern us!

Misery, disease and power struggles born on the backs of the people in Africa,  thousands die sewing in the factories of Asia under inhuman conditions and we do nothing!  Because it does not concern us!

In America, a trend to return to the stone age is unfolding,  legally taking away the rights for  women to decide about their bodies.  While we do nothing…

We are spied upon, via satellites and by programs which infringe our rights, our privacy is invaded on all levels and we do nothing…

In the midst of Europe, the homeless, the poverty stricken children who have no future and  the  elderly desperately struggling with loneliness, abandoned  and  too poor to live out the last years in dignity and we don’t want to see it, because we don’t want to do anything about it.

We sympathize with abused animals, we weep in synchronicity  to the soap operas on T.V., we are moved by the books we read and participate in virtual causes, because that concerns us?

We have come to point in evolution where we dally in superficialities, elbowing through life, wearing blinders, gobbling GMO popcorn while watching rubbish on our tellies, fattened and heavy with our all consuming little realities…never asking WHY or HOW, when it does not concern our own egos.  Lacking empathy, civil courage and balls…

And there are those who are concerned, whose voices can hardly be made out in the roar of selfishness and apathy…

Would it not be wiser, since there are no guarantees that all this will NEVER concern us, to find a way to stand up and demand an end to all of this?

While we still have time to ask and to question and to ACT!

Again and again  Martin Niemöller’s poem “First the came for the…” rings in my ears…

All this concerns us!  All this can and could be you or me…

Indifference,  bigotry and hatred concerns us all!

There still is time…isn’t there?

Yours truly,

a concerned person! 


7 thoughts on “Unfortunate truths

  1. Reblogged this on Melanie's Blog and commented:
    A place to consider and discuss new & old ideas. An opportunity to acknowledge and offer validity to an unpopular discourse. A discussion that is long overdue, and time to have.

  2. Does humanity have the chance to escape the disaster?
    Yes, now when traded together, we can avert the inevitable.

    Will it happen?
    No, as long as individual continues to benefit, they will use their economic and political power, metallic, that changes nothing.

    When will that change?
    If everything is perished, and is created all things new.
    Then the opportunity is there, not to repeat the mistakes made.

    yours sincerely,
    a discouraged person

    • Dear Discouraged,
      That is why I am asking…
      if there is still time?
      I see that Brazil is rising, Turkey is rising
      various Arab Springs have taken place…
      when we combine our efforts
      an opportunity
      for change will present itself!
      Kindest regards,
      Wind of change
      Will Advance

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