Water Lily delight, the hardy water-Nymph(aea)







The little pond inside the atrium of my school, steadily provided my colleagues and me with an ever changing scenery.  First it was just a bunch of “nosey” gold-fish in dark  mucky green water, then a pretty little yellow flower bloomed and during the past week, more and more beautifully deep emerald leaves started to pop up.  Just in time for the end of the classes, little buds formed in the last couple of days.  Today, the special fare-well treat:  Monet visited and left all the blooms to appreciate.

That water lilies are called Nymphaea, I find bizarre.  Nymphs, typically female nature deities in Greek mythology,  were regarded as divine spirits who animated nature and were usually depicted as beautiful, young maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom set them apart from the restricted and chaste females.  The exquisite beauty of water lilies, does inspire one’s thoughts to ponder long forgotten fairy tales and ancient narratives.


Claude Monet, French Impressionistic painter1840 – 1926


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