My week

My week

This week was stress filled, with the Chamber of Commerce exam on Friday, studying and preparing for it was a dominant part of it. A lot of material to review.
The course members were proxy to a full day with motivational coach(I do not know what is up with the boundless number of “coaches” in this country). Where he was amusing to an extent with his divulgence of “actual” work related experiences, I had a feeling that I had seen something like this before. It reminded me of Amway Motivational Speeches-which I have heard about-but on the other hand a bit more sinister. A tendency towards Born again Christians, who rise in front of the priest, confess their”sins” and then are declared healed with the hands on of the holy man. It was the strangest thing: Using a lot of pseudo-psychology and generalities you get when you visit a fortuneteller, it left the skeptic in me sneering. At the same time, the charisma of the coach was undeniable. I find these people dangerous, but that is my personal opinion.

Anxiety reached its high point Friday morning for the test and 70 minutes later, great sense of relief and exhaustion. With the test done, there are just a few formal days left to wrap up the course.

I got the chance to finally read a bit more in my book, 1Q84 and not just late in the evening with the weight of the 800+ pages weighing heavy on my arms in bed!
Saturday, I took my boys to a street festval on the RÜ and was overwhelmed by the masses of people out. An atmosphere of a country fair, with booths and stalls, people strolling, drinking and eating. Most interesting place was the corner where Fritzpatrick’s Irish Pub provided the brave with an opportunity to show off their singing abilities, Karaoke style, from an open air stage…I “admire” people who are able to make fools of themselves, but I suppose being inebriated helps!
The weather perked up too, with day time temperatures that definitely are reminiscent of summers past, but when the sun goes down and the wind decides to come out too, it feels like winter!

To celebrate the fact that we passed the exam, Lisaki decided – and I followed – on a night on the town. A couple of Gin Tonics and a bowl of green olives in a Heavy Metal bar…the music not my cup of tea, but the sociological insights gained can be filed away as positive. An odd bunch of people with their faith in Metal making the gaps in age obsolete.

Returning home, I sat up with my son till 3 a.m. and am happy about the fact that he finally seems to be coming to terms with our changed circumstances here in Germany. Where he stubbornly refuses to “make up” with the past, he is becoming more and more open about the future. This is a great relief for me, people with tough shells have very delicate and sensitive centers and the pain they experience is not easily recognized or handled. I missed that boy so much and am pleased to see him returning.


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