No garden, no balcony summer BBQ

No garden, no balcony summer BBQ

Yes, it seems like summer! Temperature today was up to 28 C. Blue skies and lovely puffy clouds in the sky…I spent most of my day in the further education classes. Final exam for the certification at the Chamber of Commerce today and class, of course!
We did manage to hang out in the sun during our lunch hour. Image that, I even took my jacket off!!!
Soaking up the sun like a sponge, I thought about summer time in Greece at the beach. Not in the cards, there are no beaches or the little stretches of sand probably won’t be big enough for me and the 10,000 people. And come to think of it, I really don’t fancy hanging out at some river, murky green or brown in color, it probably smells…and before I join the brave who populate the local pools-I will just stay home or hang out at a park. Needless to say, I will not be joining the sun-tanning half naked basking in the sun on any greenery.
But the weather did inspire me to a summer past time- the BBQ. Since I have got neither a balcony nor a garden, BUT I do have a grill…I fixed a Mediterranean style dinner on the kitchen grill with the open window, the blue sky above and a glass of wine. Almost perfect!
Next week it is good-bye to the course and the lingering core of the group. Two “school days” remaining and it is off into the practical application of the theory next week…
New challenges await and I hope the weather stays”


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