A lie is still a distortion of the truth, no matter how you twist it or as the Greeks say Ξεκολα!!


The “Ghost on my dashboard” was a huge personal success.

Not only was the culprit identified, but he also stepped out of the so called “closet”!
Spam is a pretty cool thing, there are filters for that sort of mail, too bad it has nothing to do with one’s personal spamming ideas.  At least here there is the option of approval.  Not so easy with the email.  I could easily just send it to the spam messages, that action or option does not give me insight into “what is going on”…The real question is, why would I want to know? And what exactly will I know, that I did not already know before?

Ξεκολα is excellent advice from the messenger. As I mentioned above, my email is being trashed with undesired, unrequested and unwanted youtube songs, by afore-mentioned stalker: Unmasked on wordpress by his ip address and fake email, not to mention his writing(in)abilities. As the recipient of both words accompanied by music on the one hand and nonsensical garbled Latin characters that are a poor excuse to logic or writing filled with dubious advice or “enlightenments” – (Note to myself: the opposite of information is ignorance) – I keep asking myself, just what is it supposed to mean?
Why on earth, if he thinks he is in love, would he want me to know? I don’t care!
If that were a fact, then would his energies not be spent on that person in “love”?
Does he imagine, me being in anguish over that???
What a relief, if it were true!

Ξεκολα is a wonderful little Greek slang word, it means as much as “get unstuck” or if you want you can say “leave me be” “give it a rest”.
I am not stuck, I so don’t care.
Just be on your merry way and create mischief somewhere else, shower someone else with whatever you want.

On the other hand Ξεκολησε…is more like “to become unglued” and that is what I see more and more.

When you insist on many kind of TRUTHS of which none is a fact and behave outside the parameters of acceptable social behavior, when communication can not be achieved because you lack the proper setting for it and the coding and decoding process is disturbed because none of the tools are in place- then an exchange of messages can not take place. When one party is unwilling to participate in this transaction, because no common ground can be found:
Rule one: mutual respect(non-existant)
Rule two: Common understanding(missing)
Rule three: Candidness(ambiguous)
What is the purpose then, other than just to annoy?
So practice what you preach and just “ξεκολα”!!!
(images not my own)

 Iyou always lie


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