La vie est belle

La vie est belle

Life is beautiful…just like this flower.
If we take the time to look at the positive details and focus on them. Rather than giving into our natural complaining negative bearings and tendencies, keeping the spotlight on the affirmative from which we have so much more to gain, almost everyone stays stuck on the counter-productive ambiguities.

Good friends, good music, good conversation can be very inspiring, but then again it takes more of an effort to search for and feel attracted to the immaterial qualities life has to offer.
Always paying attention to what goes wrong, or what others do wrong and even looking for the proverbial “hair in the soup” gives one a comfort-zone that does not need much thought. Pointing fingers and blaming others or circumstances does have an advantage: You occupy yourself with outside factors and never have the time to look to yourself for a solution.
A life spent like that, in my opinion, is not only wasted but also too miserable to amount to anything.

Life is short, too short to miss out on the simple pleasures in it.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
Confucius, 551 B.C.-479 B.C.
Teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.


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