The meaning of Eurovision escapes me

Every year the week before the Champions League Finals we have to endure the Eurovision procedure….every year, since I was little this event takes over T.V.  No possibility of escape…the sound of dix points for bla bla bla is forever stuck in my head.  

But what is that really?  The State T.V. of every country puts forth their candidates and throw them into this money wasting event…the actual figures could probably feed a mid sized 3rd world country for quite some time, but instead it is wasted on the promotion of a candidate, elected to the representative position by some fraudulent means, thrown out into a flashy self important competition that is for absolutely NAUGHT.

From a pure musical aspect, almost every song absolutely Sucks, by some sort of coincidence, it is either a varied theme of the previous years’ winner, or some sort of oddball concoction. The voting is so biased:  all the Eastern Block gives votes to neighboring countries, the Scandinavian countries vote for one another, so do Greece and Cyprus and the cheating goes on.  

It is not about musical achievements.  Nor about promoting some unknown talented countryman or woman, but it is all about show and favoritism, then why not scrap the whole program and put the money needed to promote an unfairly selected representative to good use??  Why does the poor country that might win the contest- need to spend money on constructing a super-structure for the event? Just the urban planning that takes place for this arena of the follies, is often a challenge to people’s lives, who are forced to move from their homes to make space for this edifice.
Is there a real need to fund musicians or support artists, then by all means set up government programs which will work for the benefit of the general population, not for the selected few!
Hardly anyone has a real chance to even obtain a ticket to see the actual event, too much money is made there as well and where it goes is also questionable. The artist tours not only his own country but also visits neighboring nations to advertise his or her tune. The cost of sending them and their entire entourage is staggering. So in the end you vote goes for those who are able to propagandize best. And then we get to the real income.
Every country participating(another by the way- I get Cyprus, it is after all in the E.U., the same goes for Israel- but for other obvious reasons. But Azerbaijan, Georgia, Morocco???And then why refuse Lebanon or Qatar participation in the absurdity)? The Plebeians are offered the grand opportunity(so they think that they actually have a say in it) to call and place their votes, which are then counted and presented. Each call of course representing the sound of money falling…where does that go? To pay for the preposterousness that is called the Eurovision Song Contest! For me it is an exploitation on a grand scale. We are being fooled into thinking that we de facto have an influence in the matter, but we are given only a series of alternatives which have one exclusive aim: Profiteering
Does anyone profit from taking part outside of the artist(if he or she was an unknown, but most often is an established virtuoso, picked to enhance the chances of scoring successfully the number one spot) and the entire industry behind it? Does it increase National Pride? Do the winners, as countries have something to share with the people who make up the Nation?
I am disgusted every year by the flashy excess, there are wo/men and children out there in the world who struggle to survive and we dare to celebrate this insane waste of capital, resources and time.
I propose to end this sham and concentrate on projects for the welfare of all. Better education, better medical treatments available for all, prevention of violence, climate change – whatever; just not another year of the so called Euro-vision Song “Contest”. exploitation
-Picture not my own-


2 thoughts on “The meaning of Eurovision escapes me

  1. Europa ist groß und reich an Kultur und Kunst.
    Leider spiegelt sich das nicht in diesem Wettstreit wieder.
    Es ist ein Wettbewerb der Peinlichkeiten geworden,
    da man nicht mit dem künstlerischen Vortrag nicht punkten kann
    oder will, muss man durch Provaktion und Nebensächlichkeiten ins Rampenlicht.

    Die Bewertung des Ganzen ist ein eigenes Thema.

    • Da hast du vollkommen Recht. Mir geht das so auf die Nerven, welch eine Verschwendung das jedes Jahr ist und ganz abgesehen von der Peinlichkeit…

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