Ordinary activities when spent with extraordinary people can bring tremendous joy to your life!

Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious.
Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican priest,


12 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Glück entsteht oft durch Aufmerksamkeit in kleinen Dingen,
    Unglück oft durch Vernachlässigung kleiner Dinge.

    – Wilhelm Busch (1832 – 1908

  2. Liebe und Glück –
    das sind die einzigsten Dinge, die sich vermehren,
    wenn man sie teilt.

    von: unbekanntes lebendes Genie des letzten Jahrhunderts

  3. One of my favourite texts about friendship. The lyrics are from the straight edge hardcore band “Turnig Point” from New Jersey. Not everyones taste, but i love the message from the song “Growing Stronger” and it suits us:

    Friendship growing stronger
    As the days pass by
    I promise to give it my best
    If you just try
    I know this can work
    It will take some time
    I’ll never take away
    What we have inside
    I’ll turn to you
    And you’ll be there
    Because I still need you
    If you still care
    And in the end
    I’ll know I can count on you
    No matter what happens
    I’ll still be true
    I’ll be true
    We may disagree
    And we may fight
    But I’ll admit it
    If I’m not right
    Different minds
    One common goal
    It’s you I’ll remember when I grow old
    If I turn around and you’re not there
    I think back on the moments we have shared
    Go, go go!

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