Father’s Day Excuse(in Germany)


(picture not my own…I did not dare snap a picture of the troop I saw today!!)

I am not really familiar with German traditions(I have lived abroad for 36 years)- other than well known feasts, such as Christmas and Easter and the odd church related bits here and there throughout the year.

Yesterday, I was listening to this report about German Father’s Day, where “fathers” get together and go around the block with a handcart filled with drinks.  Or alternatively, men who are not fathers getting together to celebrate “Men’s”Day.  I generally take everything I see or hear on T.V. as gross exaggeration and  thought to myself:  How stupid!! Who does that??  I mean, seriously- who uses a day like this as an excuse to get together with a bunch of friends or strangers to get drunk???

And I forgot all about it(that is what you do with useless “in”credible information, right?).


Today of course was Father’s Day in Germany(yes, of course my boys have a father, but he is a.) not German and B.) not here) and I did not have to be in class and was home minding my own business- housework and general stuff that has to be tended to= in other words motherly duties!  Holiday or not!

I went out to get some things from the neighborhood store in the morning and was walking down the road, where loud music was playing.  I thought, oh – someone must be having a party.  Disco music at 10:30 a.m. and on a holiday, must be something special!

The closer I got to the end of the block the louder the music and I could see a whole bunch of people standing together, ballons and all…then a guy came walking towards me on the other side of the street(thank god) with an empty beer keg, which he disposed of in the recycle bin…that is when I realized that the “party” at the end of the road was just a bunch of men drinking in the early day!!  

I was beginning not not feel too good about walking on my own without anyone else on the street(sort of a creepy late at night feeling when you are getting home on your own in a dark street).  I rounded the corner, without anyone accosting me.

People all over the street were just then sticking their heads out of their windows(nasty German past time).  I got to the store and decided that I am NOT walking back the same way…

They were on the move!!  Little did I know, there was a procession on the way!  A booth on a handcart, filled with drinks and the men in a herd around it!  That is when I realized  that this was just what they were talking about on T.V. the day before!!!  Father’s Day – handcart – bunch of men – and lots of alcohol  & loud music!!!

(Just another lame excuse to act like little “boys” –  which of course little boys are not allowed to do-get drunk —>irresponsible, and call THAT Father’s Day!  No doubt, there will be plenty of specimen  who will not be able to make it home on their own tonight, in their state and with their rowdiness be terrible examples of what it means to be a father!!!)

If I had not seen it with my own two eyes today-I would not have believed it!!!

I do not know what women do on Mother’s Day here.  That is coming up this weekend.  I can not imagine mothers acting so irresponsible.  Sure there are always exceptions, but I just can”t fanthom them going around their neighborhoods, pulling a handcart full of drinks and getting drunk, with their children in tow….cause who on earth would look after them, while they are out drunk in the neighborhood in broad day light??? 



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Excuse(in Germany)

  1. Getting drunk one day does not mean irresponsibility. Originally this day was about fathers introducing their boys into society and this accompanied by drinking beer. Today just the beer tradition is left.

    Strange that this is done for 200 years without children sustaining permanent psychic damage to them despite their fathers drinking. 😉

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