Ghosts on my dashboard


New subject for a post… how very interesting!!!  For the past week I am feeling “stalked”…maybe not it the true sense of the meaning, but I have a suspicion which just won’t leave me.  

I know what it is like to be stalked!!!  A very unpleasant feeling!!!  Especially when it comes not from a total stranger but someone really close to you.  Unfortunately, this sensation of being followed, this impression of distrust and betrayal, does not ever quite leave you.  You keep looking over your shoulder at the smallest – to the naked eye – changes.  

I can not say that this does not leave me with a touch of paranoia, the exact reason why stalking or being stalked is such an invasion of space and privacy.  I try to stand above my little suspicions.  Sometimes I win and sometimes, I just can’t shake that shadowy figure!

Right now there is a ghost on my pages, and this ghost has a real name!

Being with someone for so many years, does supply you with a small advantage…if you are familiar with that person, know how s/he functions, their odd little habits and ticks…you can pick up on something being not quite right!!

And that is right now!

I have several stories, several unfinished thoughts about that (person) in or on my dashboard, on some very related issues.  They are  trains of thought, which at the moment seemed therapeutic to get off my “chest”, and then got abandoned as too personal – not deleted.  My own skeletons or ghosts that I tend to and restrain.  My choice!  MY demons!

There is a difference though, I read some comments on my blog and the whole past comes rushing at me.  I see the wording, I comprehend the thoughts transported and they have raised flags!!!  Warning sounds are going off in my head!  I have been there before and I recognize the perp!  I (have my ghost busting tools  at hand and) am not going to let someone who went through great lengths(and failed) to discredit me, made me leave my life and change countries, try to get the upper hand again.

You know who you are!!! And I do too!!

So just move on already and be gone, ghost!!  

I don’t write for you to comment, I do not post for you.  I do not blog for your approval.  

I do not believe in ghosts.  And there is no chance for you to ever be real to me again.  Find someone or something else and just leave me alone!




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