Full force….sky is the limit

Full is the limit

A difficult week…thank god nature and the weather were a constant. Despite the troubles, stress and worries- life is so much more pleasant when at least the environment is good(see photo)
And bottom line for the week, it all tuned out good. A great feeling when you get grades you aim for, not to prove anything to others or to be first…proving to myself that “I” can do it is more important than impressing others.
Getting this message across to my sons is so important to me, they don’t always see the necessity in going for something or setting goals for themselves. And that is normal in a way, but life is not about letting others find your solutions or making your decisions-but aiming for something and going for it – even if things are not attainable right away. Not giving up and not letting things throw you off course.
Life is not always a pleasant road with bling and easy come. No box of chocolates, no bowl of cherries or whatever you call it…every chocolate or cherry has to be achieved and even then it is not a guaranteed tasty morsel.
Nothing beats the feeling when something goes your way and you have that rush, a hell yeah, punch the air in triumph, in you. When things go well…sky is the limit!!


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