April Review


Another month has almost reached its end and just recently – spring arrived.  What a long winter it has been!  Though this weekend does not feel much like it, temperatures dropped from 25 to 8, at least the world looks more friendly.  Every day the trees are getting greener, flowers blooming and the air is filled with a sweet aroma…not good for all those who suffer from allergies – but I am not one of them, so all I can express is a sadness for those who are unable to enjoy this season with all their senses.

This month marked an increase in activities in the further education course I have been participating in since February.  A round of tests already taken and preparations for a presentation to take place in the next 10 days which will of course be graded(I am very pleased with the result of the first one, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the other test).  On top of that or simultaneously, readying my curriculum vitae and my letters to prospective companies to do my 2 month internship which will start in June.  

Due to my new found friends at ‘school”, my social life has also taken a turn for the better. To be able to spend a nice dinner and or a glass of wine and cheese with them, with good conversation and laughter is not just a great distraction but also provides me with a feeling of belonging. And for them and that feeling, I am grateful.

The other morning on the way to class on the bus, I felt like I have really arrived.  In the beginning, my city of birth conveyed first of all a sense of security and peace.  An altered reality.   Now I perceive it more like homecoming.  I am still torn between my past –  all those years abroad and those bizarre circumstances resulting in the move – and finding myself or even reinventing myself in the present.  But it has been a surprisingly positive transition.  The most difficult and challenging part appear to be behind me.




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