The neighborhood Bakaliko


A little supermarket opened in my neighborhood not too long ago and I must say that it has been and is a great joy to me every time I enter it.  A Turkish Bakal or as I know it from Greece, a Bakaliko, is in a sense a trip into a time that has passed…a time warp, if you wish…a shop of many delights, including Turkish delights(if you know what they are).

Turkish stores not only have a great selection of vegetables, so unlike the local supermarket wrap ups, but rows and rows of goods and spices to discover, exotic looking names to the OUTSIDER – but if you have ever lived in the Near or Middle East, they are things you recognize.  Wine leaves, and chick peas for hummus, lahme bajeen(minced meat pizzas), borek(cheese or spinach pies), spices and sijjo(sausages), olives, grenadine syrup, rose and orange blossum waters, nuts roasted or coated with sugar glaze.
5 kilo bags of black tea, or rice and bulgur fine and coarse. Lentils in all colors, a variety of pulses that you never get to see unless you go to a specialty shop.
Right at the entrance huge bunches of parsley and coriander, peppers in all shades and sizes, raw almonds and green plums…

The meat counter is a treat…clean! Not prepackaged -god knows where and god knows what(of course it is halal)! You know what you are selecting and don’t have to worry about eating ‘my little pony’…  

Shopping in Germany is a wonderful experience: Not only do you have discounters or high end delicatessen but an immense choice of alluring, colorful international shops.
So why don’t you take a quick vacation and feast your senses? All you have to do is go explore! 

(picture not my own)


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