Overnight appearance

Weekly photo challenge
Every other day while walking through my city, I come across new stuff. The artists are always busy.
This latest kind of wall art, was made overnight and now gives the street corner an exotic flair.
What sticks with me the most are the eyes, haunting, pleading…
It reminds me of those explosive days in downtown Athens in 2008. After the shooting of A. stencils of him appeared all over.


4 thoughts on “Overnight appearance

  1. If we use our eyes, when we’re walking through the cities – we will see life, a lot of life even the reason for this life somestimes have been death – life don’t stop, but goes on – no one lives or lived without reason… 🙂

    • So true, Drake!!! Better to go through life with open eyes and facing your fears than closing your eýes and dying of fear every day a little more!

      • Agree totally . fear are the most dangerous and killing feeling at all – and it kills over time often with strong pain… ;-/

        I don’t feel I above death, but I don’t fear it – when it comes, it comes, but I surrender not without fight “lol” – that fact isn’t shorter or longer… 🙂

      • No one is above ‘death’ but fearing it does not change the facts either, it does however somewhat ruin life-quality. No need to close eyes from before…once they close for good…it is too late.
        Heavy conversation for a Monday morning!! Have a good day Drake! 🙂

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