If you think that this is going to be some sort of a handbook on what women want sexually, then I have to disappoint you and ask you to look else-where for enlightenment.  This is not that kind of post and I am not that kind of a “girl”.

What I want to point out is something that keeps crossing my path and I feel the need to get this off my chest!
The latest movement to occupy the internet as well as the common media is the ONE BILLION RISING, inspired by Eve Ensler from v-day.org.  

Today I read a blog of a self proclaimed cynic titled One Billion sit back down. It is not that I would deny anyone their right to their own opinion, nor their criticism or general negative feedback. What I however dislke immensely is the fact that women are other women’s greatest, harshest critics.
In the article, I could find no concrete facts to back up this literary assault against the movement or the person. More over what really annoyed me is the underlying hostility towards the founder of the movement/organization. Because when you think of the principle behind the One Billion Rising, in plain English, to achieve an end to violence against women in all forms…this is something that concerns all people universally. Physical brutality towards women, suppression of equality and sexist behavior is not a cause reserved for the Third World. It is not a phenomenon exclusive to war zones! It is not something that has been resolved in the course of the Women’s Liberation Movement of the Seventies. The call to universally rise up, is a campaign for solidarity, transcending borders, culture, religion, gender, class, sexual orientation and age. It is not intended to exclude men or to ignite hatred towards them! It is not a call for extremism…and most certainly it is not meant to awaken old or new animosities. You don’t have to be a feminist or a radical, a tree hugger, a save the world type, nor alternative, political or activist of any kind. In this 21 Century world we live in, globalized economies and cultures, we should all strive to make the world a better place for ALL of us. And I don’t think that there are many people out there who can honestly say, we CAN NOT stand improvement.
Feminism is still a term that has a contaminated dirty sound to it. I can appreciate the reservations of the women who shuddered at the bra burning women in the demonstration of the seventies. I get that not all women can identify with that image, nor the bare-chested militant FEMEN specimen, who seem to spring more out of cheap glossy men magazines than a movement that wants to be taken seriously. BUT I do see the need for women to put aside their hyper critical attitudes(explicitly towards other women) for the methods and the personas that founded them. It is time to focus on the goal. That aim is not a dirty word!
Feminism is the theory of the political, economical and social equality of the sexes. Hence it is not foul, sleazy tainted curse word. It is an invitation for all to think, discuss and find solutions on the road to more suitable and fitting living conditions for all.
It is not necessary to associate oneself with a particular person, burn bras, bare chests or cease wearing make-up, stop looking pretty nor to hate men. What is necessary is to stop feeling affronted, construct criticism positively, refrain from nit-picking and come together to tackle the hurdles collectively.

Here is a little idea of how well women have worked together in the past and the fact that we have the right to vote today is based on their successful campaign.


And a man's opinion on the matter!




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