T.V nation

TV_Nation_2_by_UnderworldsunIs there a reason why someone should feel so put off to watch, read or listen to the news?  Actually any kind of T.V other than maybe the occasional National Geographic or History Channel?  Every time I put that thing on, I feel so dreadful, I mean really filled with dread.

Over sensationalized news, sordid shows and reality programs from teen moms, to the x factor and Jersey Shore…what is wrong with us??  In between we are bombarded by one ridiculous advertisement after the other, granted some of them tell more “story” in the allotted time than an entire episode of 2 and a half Men.  So you say, shut it off, if you don’t like it and I do, but what about our children???

They watch all the time and anything, zapping between shows and commercials and music clips, on the T.V.s in our living rooms, their own T.V.s, on the internet their Iphones and Ishuffles, downloaded or live streamed.  They think it’s cool to watch glorified outdated male chauvinists(they most likely don’t know what that is),  they observe little girls playing Mommy with real life babies, cause their parents, schools and guardians think that explaining about the <<birds and the bees>> just makes them want to do <<it>>.  Instead they let them watch all that uncensored garbage on the flatscreen  and wonder why their “precious 14 or 15 year old princess” got knocked up by the school jock or whomever.

The “just don’t do it or just say no” obviously doesn’t work.  But say, they have explained it all and are up front and forthcoming, the parents mostly struggle to be “friends” with their own kids, telling them about sex and drugs and rock and roll.  They have given up their place as role models and joined the madness.

Have you seen some of the alleged role models for women on T.V.?  The I -botoxed -the -hell -out -of -my -expressions specimen,and am competing on every level with the little girls(who themselves are striving to increase their age with make up, push up bras -even implants and killer heels).  It is a woman eat woman competition out there.  Could you imagine your own mother all lifted, stuffed and collagened, wearing killer heels and super short outfits???  Competing for those skirt chasing, unfaithful but super successful men in grandiose foreign cars???(These days we have conquered the double standard of “old sugardaddy”- watch out for the Cougars too, going after our sons).   Or can you only imagine your own father going for your daughters best friend, so Kevin Spacey like????

I don’t know about you, however amusing I might find the occasional film or series, I am shocked at where exactly we have gotten and what we have gotten our kids into.  A world where we – or some of us at least – try to teach them manners, morals, respect and right from wrong, but where the setting the examples and following what we preach are mostly in stark contrast to what reality and T.V. teaches them.  Do they believe that our “watching culture” reflects life??  They must cause they damned sure strive to talk the talk and walk the walk.

I am no prude or puritan, nor a gay hater or fascist, but is it really necessary to put all that crap into our faces 24/7??? Is it just me or have music clips gone almost all the way to the  I am  sampling the x rated section of the video store.  Sure you can say, that in some countries there are” mothers against profanity” and stuff like that, but watch T.V. late enough, surf the internet and you will see all that out there, all the time.   What is all that for our children??  It is all about the bling, the cars and hot chicks and the quick fixes.  Where are the boundaries, the  empathy, the responsibility, the shame???

No we gotta have equal rights for everyone, anyone can and should come out of the closet and “share” their experience with us all.  Washing your dirty laundry on shows, showing every oh so decrepit aspect of human life and rubbing it all in our faces, non stop.  Let’s ask the son of Sam what made him do it, or hill Billy why he is doing his sister and their babies are living off welfare, let’s hear it for the New Right and the over populating Foreign haters….everyone can and should and wants their 5 minutes of “I wanna be a rock star”…show the Gulf Wars  and doing in Bin laden live, the people jumping off 112 story buildings, blood dripping from the Columbine shooting victims, the deadly crash on I 75 live…yes, this is what is means to be the next generation.    The gorier the better, the sluttier the better, the more demeaning and dehumanizing the better.

Yes, and maybe we should hand over what little power we have left to justify our existence to the the so called EXPERTS, while we can, cause they are sprouting like weeds after rain showers.  Shrinks, social workers, counselors and whatever may be their area of expertise..(mostly book knowledge), let’s have them explain it all and fix it.  prescribe the  meds  or  label and thus be  excused from having thick skins, from watching bullies and thinking,” oh well, at least it isn’t me”, and generally just walking away from any injustice or criminal activity.  Seems that all we mostly do is keep everybody entertained and afloat.

This bull shit on T.V. has slaughtered our languages to better fit text messages on the smart-phones- has sent our equal rights spinning into consumerism, haters of all things different, contributed to empathy deficiency, lemming-like blindly following behavior, superficiality, rising sexually transmitted diseases, a causes oriented majority on the social networks, who can’t be bothered to leave their homes for it, and a generation which can give book summaries only if they can find it on Sparknotes first.
Where will it end…?




10 thoughts on “T.V nation

  1. It is not going to end, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. In all actuality, it’s not going to get better. We live in a world with a 24/7 news cycle, and people don’t want to know about the good stuff, just the bad. Yet it’s funny that so many self-help books and feel-good books are on the market. We need those to help us out of our depression from watching the news and TV!

  2. I loved this post. I don’t watch T.V. or listen to the radio. I live in a somewhat protective bubble. I like it! Everything you said, from my perspective, is the reality in the world today. I don’t know what the answer is.

    • Thank you for the kind comment. It is not that I don’t watch T.V, at all, it is just that I pick what I want to see. (most young people today lack the ability to make such judgements, because they just don’t know any different – which is the really sad part) But it has been a downward spiral for years and as you say, there really is no straight answer to this.

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