Some Spring Redemption

ImageThis is what a spring sky looks like in my memories….this is what I saw yesterday while I was chatting on skype with my brother-in law.  That touch of azure, the lightly dotted heavens with puffy, feathery clouds and the world in bloom around it.

And all that has nothing to do with anything available here…bundled up in thick clothes, wind billowing tiny specks of snowflakes, it does not invite you to go out and breathe some fresh air.  All that winter dry indoor heated air, screams to be let out….but do what or think what, while you are shivering despite looking and feeling like an onion, ready to peel off some of those layers?  

ImageWhere is the green and the color of my past?  The trees are still naked and the ground still brown.  Life in Monochrome. or let me just say in shades of grey, brown and bleakness.  

Some months ago, I found it hysterically funny when sunshine was predicted for the SEKTOR, and how everybody excitedly chitter chattered about the vast possibilities of spending time outdoors.  Coldest, darkest winter since 1958!!!!  I said to myself, don’t people have more pressing issues to think about???  The reporters go out and survey peoples opinions about what they will do WHEN the sun comes out to play….BUT I have yet to hear a survey on for example ONE BILLION RISING, that women still earn 23 % less than men, or what they think about being fooled by the food industry into eating Black Beauty in their pre-fab lasagnas…..the sunshine and what activities they can see themselves enjoying?  Really??? I thought, they must be nuts… But then again, I have not lived here that long, I can now begin to imagine what this weather will do to your mind!!!  For now, I still have fresh recall of what good weather is like, what a great pleasure it is to walk barefoot in spring, without fear of having your toes nibbled by frost-bite!  Of sitting in a coffee shop in March in a short sleeved t-shirt with your sunglasses on and becoming drowsy from the suns rays….gosh, I am in a semi hallucinatory state just remembering!

ImageWalking on the Greek coast in spring…something I took for granted.  I am beginning to see my mistake in judging people to fast.  If this weather doesn’t change fast, I probably will happily grin into the camera like an idiot in ecstatic anticipation and  tell them how I will spend my 2 minutes of sunshine(intellectual issues?  What SPF  does that require?)   

(AND I have just realized WHY Germans work so hard… so they can fly South to bask in the sun and return like boiled lobsters….)





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