Who am I ?

ImageThere are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.     Soren Kierkegaard




9 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. Nice quote, which I recently happened to read right in the beginning of “Works of Love.” I wonder though, how do you have any thoughts how to square this statement with the fact of so many religions? I believe in religious freedom and am against coercion, but if Kierkegaard is right it means as individuals we must choose between the religions. To rephrase him in today’s context, we need to dis-believe the un-true religions to not be fooled and believe the true religion to not be fooled. (This is how I would square the statement because I don’t believe all the religions teach all the same things, and some are quite contradictory to each other.)
    Thanks, Bryan

    • hm, Bryan…that is a good question. I actually am not sure if kierkegaard meant we have to choose between religions. who is to say which religion is “untrue”? Fools believe without questioning and follow blindly, without understanding that they have been fooled.
      What I think is that religion teaches some guidelines as to how people should live in order to get along and are founded upon the regions where they originate….speaking about major theological ideologies- not modern interpretations- founded upon power, greed and brainwashing.

      • Hi and thanks for the reply. I actually had read the Kierkegaard quote and then read your post called “Religion Revisited” and wondered how the quote would practically apply to what you talked about there. I know the context of the quote was quite different, with Kierkegaard’s point being that to not believe in “love” is the “most terrible deception.” I believe (with Kierkegaard) that “Christianity did not originate in any human heart” meaning it is more God seeking man (redemption) than man seeking God (religion). Unfortunately, “Christians” have not always believed in love, but have practiced the “worldly” methods of power and greed that you mentioned.
        Thanks again, Bryan

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