The writing is on the wall



I was walking around town one morning and stumbled upon this school.   Judging from the scale of the graffiti, this was not a hurried-spray in the dark action, but rather the work of a commissioned or condoned artist.   I applaud the approval of public spaces to be used as canvases by modern age craftsmen.  For some it may be an eye-sore, but it brightens dull cement facades and allows passer-bys to reflect upon the images as one would during a visit to a museum.

ImageThis is the posterior of the house of learning.

ImageCaged like animals

(We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room)    Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall

ImageThe entrance to the Halls of Knowledge with blazing sculptures


All in all, DON’T become another brick in the wall!





4 thoughts on “The writing is on the wall

  1. First time I listen to Pink Floyd was in 1973 when the album “Dark side of the moon” was released – since I have collected all their albums even from the 60s – and been travelling for many concerts all over Europe – in Essen too… 🙂

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