Photo Challenge of the week: UNIQUE

Unique are the birthday cakes that I have made throughout the years for my own 3 children and the children of family and good friends…not one of them was like the other!   And with that I think I have managed to make everyone of them “special” on their days.  

I do not claim that I have come up with the ideas by myself, but the final piece was always UNIQUE!  (these are just a few of the many, many birthdays that have come and gone)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge of the week: UNIQUE

  1. Our children were born near Halloween so their cakes and costumes were virtually the same. As they got older the choice of costume was much more carefully considered as they needed to visualize a cake as well. This piece brought back some nice memories – John

    • Thank you, John…I have one born close to Halloween too, had Halloween Birthday parties and themed cakes…all their friends loved those cakes too, whicj is not to say that mine were better than their own mothers or store bought ones

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