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Yesterday I took my son to see the Exhibit that has drawn thousands of people into this town since September.  Translated into the RIOT of Color, Munch, Matisse and the Expressionists, it has been tempting me to go see it, simply because some paintings by Van Gogh can be seen up close and personal.

He is without a doubt one of my favorite painters since childhood.  Posters and even some really cool reproductionsI  have been accompanying me for many many years (I purchased 3 fantastic replicas from a French lady at a Greek car boot sale in the 90ies)  It isn’t just the  luminosity of his brushstrokes, it is also this fascinating story of the man…an unappreciated  genius in his time,  who yet managed to change the course of art and enabled fellow artists in an explosion of chroma on their canvases. 

The museum was packed, security was totally tight(handbags were measured and had to be deposited at the cloak room, when found to be to large!!), young and old either discussing their knowledge about a piece or listening to info on audio.  There is no doubt about the intensity the color produces in your mind as you contemplate each painting…the rest is up to your individual taste, I am no art critic, but I know what I like.

What surprised me were the works of Edvard Munch…other than the gloomy SCREAM, I had not seen any of his other works, but I recognized one of his landscape paintings because of it….

My 21 year old son, by no means an art connoisseur, kept shaking his head and did not stop wondering about the talents of some of the virtuosos…while texting non-stop on his smartphone!

Vasily Kadinsky’s  Picture with an Archer, was a definite highlight, a fellow visitor heard our puzzled discussion and gave us his inside scoop on the style and meaning (I googled it afterward, and was so disappointed, the image was so bland, it had nothing to do with the potency of the  work).

The abundance of paintings was so overwhelming that you walk out with a recollection of only those d’oeuvres which speak to your personal taste and those that you did not appreciate at all.  For me that was the entire room Longing for Arcadia…nudes, (even men) in all sizes and state of clarity-(they reminded me of my old bedroom in Greece).

All things considered, it was a memorable afternoon.


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