What’s up with the hair, Alter? And other German body art….

Gone are the days of little old ladies with -a blue hue in their- white hair mistakes.

Walking down the street or shopping downtown means feasting your eyes on the full spectrum of the colors of the rainbow.
For the life of me, I cannot figure out the reasons why women(or men for that matter), dye their hair neon pink or bright slime green…what on earth possesses someone to go all out with anything other than what is commercially available over the counter at supermarkets in the range from 101 to 999?
Foliage green can be pretty when working as a florist, Katie Perry pink at IKEA is useful so you can identify the employee, when you need assistance… freakish purple is becoming to the zombie’s ashen complexion for a Ball Masque…but the dress up season isn’t quite upon us.
While I lived in Greece, hair color extreme, has only appeared in tourist season. Everything is a-ok with the electric blue mop on a youngster on vacation, but here? No beach, no sunshine, no vacation…perhaps that is the cause why borderline “old people” can be hair spotted everywhere. Is it the lack of the aforementioned?? Vitamin D deficiancy sufferers or burn out about to happen cases are more apt to play Spot that color game, than others??? I am lost!!
(plenty of hairdressers in my neighborhood, 6 all around the block)!
Which brings me to piercings and tatto studios, there are 3 of them in the same radius…and another example for the rebel in the German.
Since I like to know numbers, here are the results of a survey I found:

The prevalence of tattooing and that of body piercing in the general German population are 8.5% and 6.5%, respectively. Individuals aged between 14 and 24 years display the highest rate of body piercings or tattoos (females, 41%; males, 27%). Within the group of individuals aged between 14 and 44 years, unemployment and nonaffiliation to a church are positively correlated, tattooing is significantly correlated with the perception of reduced mental health, and both tattooing and body piercing are correlated with significantly increased sensation-seeking behavior(published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, May 2006).

Not all too shocking that women have higher tendency for self mutilation(the multitude of beauty-improvement supplies/methods the industry has to offer speaks for itself). And if they knew how the rest of the public identifies this anatomical artistry with low social standing and integration, it would not keep them from making another appointment.
Most people are not aware of the long term consequences of piercings or tattoos. What is cute while you are young and your skin is plump, certainly leaves a lot of room for admiration, with increasing age come the realization that the same effects are unachievable. Taking out some piercings, may work but the damage is hard to hide and having tattoos removed are pretty damned expensive.
Am I glad that I never made an impulsive decision to get inked? Damned straight! And if I feel the need for radical hair color, I can live that out with a wig during Carnival Season.

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