Selbst ist der Mann/die Frau….German do-it-yourself

ImageThis morning as I was trying to close the door to the bedroom, the doorhandle went flying across the floor.  You see, the apartment we live in has seen plenty of home improvements by its owner.  On the surface, everything looks functional and perfect…

The Do-it-yourself trend is in full swing….it appears as if there is no job that a German cannot do, when he puts his mind to it.  (I have that gene too, but there are big character trait variations…from the sloppy to the perfectionist-my landlord by no means falls into the category of the idealist).

The market is booming, (37 Billion Euro are spent yearly, making the Germans European Do-it-yourself champions)  the  supply-chains are growing and the statistics also state that 43% of the Germans rely upon themselves for painting, woodworking and minor electrical/plumbing repairs, as often as 3 times per month!!!!  Even the T.V. programs offer a variety of entertaining reality shows on the theme.

But not every man, has a Bob the builder in him, nor is every woman a Wendy…In my flat, the abilities of the owner probably improved with practice, and the crooked, too short floor boards, asymmetric woodwork tell a tale of learning by doing…(the oven door does not open all the way, even if he did saw off part of the window sill)! 

I have huge respect for the electrical work:  A lot of the (spot) lights do not work, even if you replace them with new ones,  an abundance of sockets that do not work but  are mounted in places, where their purpose is a riddle!

And then there are the doors….that don’t close right and whose handles fly off…

I am currently researching the availability of an introductory course into home improvement, to rectify some of the major eyesores…

Have drill…will do it myself! 


2 thoughts on “Selbst ist der Mann/die Frau….German do-it-yourself

  1. The often heard expression “self done equal to well done”,
    maybe this expression is “home done” – it’s not always right… 😉

    It’s trendy being a “handy(wo)man”, maybe to much trendy..? 😉

  2. I totally agree on the YOUR often heard expression, though I myself have not heard of it, maybe it is in your country…but never the less, applies!
    As for being trendy…for me, it is a necessity, to try to be Mrs. Fix-it…I lack the financial freedom to call in the expert and have no knowledgable husband…that is why: Selbst ist die Frau!!! 🙂

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