Sunshine News…

In light of the upcoming cold front, weather experts have predicted simultaneous sunshine…and this brought about a wave of surveys on the T.V. news yesterday.  It seems this city has seen 0 hours of sunshine since the turn of the new year.  This forecast has the population(or so it appears) in a frenzy of anticipation!!!  Comparable probably  only to the promise of snow in countries like the Middle East.

The lack or absence of sunshine has probably played an important factor in making Germans -esteemed destination:  South!!! -, the ruling Wanderlust champions of the world(a survey taken in 2006  stated Germans took 86.6 million trips abroad and in 2009 shelled out a whopping $80.8 billion while outside their country).  And while most countries appreciate the business, the German traveller has a peculiar image everywhere-slightly more favorable to that of  the English or Americans…we have all seen that beer belly, covered by a white undershirt, clad in shorts, white-sock in sandals pinkish man somewhere on our travels…and he is rumored to be Imageloud and thrifty(cheap!) and sits in the blistering sun broiling to crispness till dusk(towel strategically placed on sun bed at dawn), firm believer of all inclusive, favorite   holiday souvenir:  red tan and plenty of extra pounds…



(not my own pictures)


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