The difficult adjustment to the absence of light…

The only thing I miss besides my friends in Greece is the light. Sunshine and blue skies, and the blue of the sea, that is lacking here in Germany.
The sky here seems to loom on top of your head, unusually low clouds and all shades of grey!!! And it isn’t so much the grey or the rain, but the fact that when you are indoors you almost always need to have the lights on… Particularly, if you have a child who has been diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type 2a ( )…he needs all the light he can get (and not just indoors) to keep him from bumping into things, which he does often enough even with the lights on. And he can’t follow his passion SOCCER cause the teams always practice in the evening hours under floodlights, which are not sufficient.
It is still dark outside at 8 a.m. and by 5 p.m. it is dark again. This German work ethic has been incorporated into the light hours of the day…but since I have not seen what spring or summer are like, I have high hopes for longer light hours.



2 thoughts on “The difficult adjustment to the absence of light…

    • On the other side, though…we have a total abesence of psycho pressure, if the lights on in the house are the price…so be it. We miss you too!

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