… audacious, ya think???

What is it with the people like Gerard Depardieu who think they can just get up and by-pass the laws of a country and be adopted by a Russian super crook of a president??

What is wrong with this picture or who is more wrong?  A guy who by all accounts can’t possibly spend all the money he has in this life time, no matter how many millions of francs or euros is HAS paid already or will be asked to pay in the future.  Does this mean that his home country should make special provisions for him, and only him and all of those with tons of money?  I think that is called blackmail, so what he has 80 employees(I hope he is not threatening the French Government that he will be forced to let them go and set up business in a more favorable, to his  tax returns, country).  This is clearly a man who has forgotten his own back ground, son of a metal worker, according to wikipedia, who spent more time on the street than elsewhere.  And quite clearly, a poor example of a human being.  Perfect image of a man who can not get enough.  With all his awards, humanity should bestow the HE WHO DOESN’T GIVE A F*CK about the rest of the world, when he moves his millions to Russia.  Him and chum Putin, who recently had a law passed that makes it impossible for Americans(virtually the only people on the planet )who even bother to adopt handicapped children in Russia?   How can they look at themselves in the mirror??? (Depardieu must have had endless acting lessons in shameless-,  selfish gluttony).  And Putin? Oh, well, the theory of short men in history and their inferiority complexes is a shoe that fits only too well on his dainty <little> foot.

 Maybe Putin could offer honorary citizenship to Berlusconi.  I am sure that Russian laws on men who prefer little girls, are just as lenient as their tax laws(maybe Italy will be saved in the process?)  

Sickening, disgusting and unacceptable creatures, disguised as human beings!!Image


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