Ignorance and extremism

In the last few years, a new trend has developed that combines a few areas of people’s past times. We already had the rise of extremist religion. Now fans are becoming more violent(again) and right wing and there is a worrying rise in extreme politics all over the world.  In civilized countries, like Sweden and the Netherlands too many seats in their parliaments have fallen into the hands of the far right.  In the recent elections, Greek voters propelled more than 20 imbecilles(my opinion) into parliamentary immunity positions and that with its history of German occupation!  These hoodlums now terrorize the thousands of stranded so called illegal immigrants(who are plainly victims of human trafficking) with the state turning a blind eye.

In a friendly soccer game in Italy(AC Milan against Pro Patria), the players with the non white skin color(Kevin Boateng, Urby Emanuelson, Sulley Muntari and M’Baye Niang)were at the receiving end of racist chants, to such an extent that after 25 minutes, they had to leave the field. This is just the latest in a string of extremist behavior from the fan blocks.

There must be a correlation between the willingness for violence, a tendency for racism and IGNORANCE and social standing.  By that I mean, that they are less educated and more susceptible to being incited.  Of course these individuals never dare approach or attack others when they are on their own.  They seek the comfort of a group, which usually has a leader, that directs them.  These so called leaders, all have their own agendas and use them as foot folk. They always single out those that are differnt from them, the meek, the weak, women, the alternatives and of course everyone with a different skin color than their own.
I am sick of reading about racist slurs, sick of reading about people being hunted down, being made scape goats, about battered women or victims of rape of any age. The laws are not stringent enough, most of these creeps slip right through, others are set up to take a fall for them and generally speaking, justice is not served. If incarcerated, they enjoy far more privileges and rights than those who have been wronged, then they are released too soon, only to continue where they left off.
There is always talk in sports about fair play and need for change, the clubs and boards along side the appropriate ministries and fan reps huddle and blubber and come up with what???? Yes, things need to change, and measures need to be taken and we are going to and so on, but what comes of it???? Nothing!!!!
Everything is about the money to be made….You don’t want stadiums to be torn apart by rampaging fans???? Ban them from the games!!! Use the c-T.V. to make the culprits pay for the damage, can’t do that hold the fan clubs and clubs responsible. Issue tickets to events on ID basis(Cry data abuse??? Why??? Those who do nothing should have nothing to fear and those who do, you can find them!!) Why haven’t they done it???
The Clubs make money, the government collects the taxes and the victims and the damage, collateral casualties???(and all that goes for political agendas on the extremes and of course religious groups
Think of the examples we set in our society! Is it any wonder then when any given frustrated undereducated, unappreciated underachiever hooks up with some super idiot, who tells him that by joining some fringe group he can get back at the system???? This has been happening too many times and for too long, we all need to come up with better answers, cause the way things are going, soon the masses will be too dumb to notice that all the programs have been cut. It looks more like a return to the Dark Ages, with all the conveniences of modern life, than civilization and progress. A complete lack of civil courage is what we are looking at right now.poster-radical-london-feb(not my picture)


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