New Year Resolutions Optional…

Like many people out there, thoughts of what I want to stop or start doing, should do or shouldn’t be doing are going through my head.  Not that I have ever been that kind of person to take these efforts for much more serious, than for instance Horoscopes.  

I could really make a long list, but I think it is best to take each day as it is and learn my life lessons the way they appear.  Rather than think about the possibilites in advance.

I have no control over most things anyway, stay healthy??  That is not in my power, even if you don’t smoke, eat butter, drink booze, eat fat or junk food, there are no guarantees.  Loose weight?? Don’t need to.  Exercise?  I get plenty of that.   Find myself?  I already have!  Find faith?  I am not looking!  Beyond that what is there to resolve to do, that can realistically be achieved(Fame, fortune, beauty, luck?) A lot of people will set themselves up for disappointment.

 I for one will only try not to be dissatisfied with what I have.  That means, not compare myself to others, and take responsibility for my actions and to

earn from my mistakes.  

Happy New Year, may it bring health, happiness and success to all.

Picture not my own…



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