2012 Review of my favorite books

The first part of 2012 I tried to distract myself from a pretty miserable situation with some literary escapism.  Out of necessity, I had a.) discovered my local library and b.) still a stack of previously ordered and unread books from freshly dissolved book club.

So, I read…more constructive than to dwell further in my misery.
1. Birds without Wings, Louis de Bernieres(Vintage Books 2005)
You may have seen or read Captain Corellis Mandoline, if you liked that, then this is just the right
novel for you. An overview of life in Asia Minor and its bordering countries, but mostly a story that
shows what politics and rising nationalism did the the ethnic groups that lived peacefully side by side.

2. A Million Little Pieces, James Frey(Hachette Livre 2004)
An insight into the life of a junkie in detox. Though a fascinating read, not really all that
believable as an autobiography. I find it highly unlikely that someone who has (ab)used drugs that much
could possibly possess that kind of lyrical poetic eloquence to write let alone complete such an account.

3. The Road, Cormac McCarthy(Random House Division 2006)
This was not one of the most favorite, interesting style, though a thoroughly DARK novel, the style
conjured up a lot of pictures i my head. Very reminiscent of Doom and Gloom movies, and Steven King
books, you get the picture great evil and some of humanities finer qualities, like love, loyalty and

4. The House on Paradise Street, Sofka Zinovieff(Short Books 2012)
A beautiful story for all who have lived in Greece for a while, a novel which reviews Greek history
through politics. In fact Greece has two sides of this history, this is one side, beautifully
described. (I have met this author during a book club meeting for another book she wrote, Red

5. These is my Words, the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine 1881-1901, Nancy E. Turner(Harper Collins 1998)
An amazing story of a young girl growing up in the Arizona Territories, based on actual stories told
by the authors female ancestors. Written diary style, really very well written and hard to put down.

6. Indigo, Cathrine McKinley(Bloomsbury,U.S.A. 2011)
A quest to find the identity and meaning of indigo, not just as the color, dye process or value but
as the cultural imprint indigo(the cloth) left on West Africa. Interesting walk through colonial
exploitation and also the impact of the rise of China in world markets and its repercussions on
the African Continent.
7. The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared, Jonas Jonasson(Carl’s books
2011) First book I read in German all year. A wonderful story, narrative, crime, humor and a walk
through the history of the 20th Century. It reminded me right away of Forest Gump. But by no means
a copy cat-ish book. Spell bound and eager to find out the next events, I could not put it down, just
I could not put down Birds without Wings.

Of course I read plenty of other books, but none were as memorable as these. They certainly made me feel better and forget my troubles while I had my eyes stuck to the pages. Always a good remedy for problems!!(not my picture)


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