…and we are still here

So, the end was not near after all. I don’t think that any tribe or person can really predict the end of the world. Microsoft programs give us till August 31 rst, 4500…but until then, who cares.
I wonder what all those who prepared for the finale feel today? Do they realize how stupid they look? I still have the picture of this French guy in my head from this small town(Bugarach), which supposedly was to be spared by the apocalypse…he looked like Ronald MacDonald on vacation. Why does the press swoop to these places and feed the obvious confusion of these people(or is it just a publicity stunt to put these places on the map? A cheap marketing gimmick)?
They do not look normal, the only thing missing is a self made aluminum foil helmet with antennas…these individuals are offered a platform to voice their ideas, as if reality shows haven’t done enough damage to our society. We all are glued to our sets and enjoy the craziness they spread. Later we wonder why most people will do anything to get their 5 minutes of fame on T.V.
Doom and gloom, blood and gore, gossip and rumor they rule and human sensitivity and reason disappears.

(Picture not my own)



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