Totally useless Toys Part 2

I often ask myself what the designers of toys were thinking when they develop their ideas into the finished product.  It really cannot be that they are unaware of the obligations to think about the consequences.  I am not talking about the countless weapons that have been around for many many years, but of companies like Playmobil.

There are not many little boys or girls in Europe who do not own at least a few sets by that company!  They are so educational, so harmless???


When I saw this road crew set, that is what I thought at first too.  Upon closer inspection though, I realized that the play set included a case with 18 bottles of beer!!!  As grown ups we know of course that road crews have a reputation for drinking, right??  That is so presumptuous and prejudiced!!!  And we go right along with that???  Question by a little one:  “Mommy, what are the bottles for?”  “Oh, sweety, that is beer.  You know, those workers get so thirsty after all that hard work”  And boom, you have instilled this idea in the head of your child about workers and drinking.  Not really educational…there are already too many things in the life of a child that teaches prejudices of all kinds.  Look at all those pink, purple and pastel colored home making tools available for the little girls….the future housewives of the world.  Even Barbie has a vacuum cleaner!!  All little boys get tool sets, as if they were all going to be Bob the Builder!  I read that in Sweden, children have “gender friendly” Christmas gift lists…I still am doubtful about the father, who will easily agree to give his son a doll for christmas.  Better than the drunken Playmobil worker! 


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